Clare B, bassist

Photo Credit: Jim Hackett

The first ever performance featuring the new purple coil cable!
Clare B,bass player for Marky Ramone’s band, has purple make-up, purple hair, and when she saw the coil she said, “purple is my thing” in this really beautiful U.K accent. Ted being a sucker for all things punk (and brit, and feminine) couldn’t say no when Clare told us how this cable would be fun to try out; and, could she get one?

Clare B seriously kicks ass with her 2010 punk rendition of all things Ramone. The coil, as usual, loves the stage and did its job well from all reports given to us by Clare after the show.

This purple cable is a proto-type and we only have one more until they are in stock, so this is currently a rare performance piece.

Video Credit: vekin396