NY Times article on Hyphenated-Man and the man who works thud staff known as WATT

“I’m about to do fiftyone gigs in fiftytwo days and I just KNOW my red curly bullet will come through for me, kickin’ like kato. I know cuz I’ve been using this baby for a couple years now and it’s been just the best. that goes for the straight one I do all my recording w/also. I’ve done the a/b thing w/these up against all the hype cables and guess who gets smoked w/widest sound and biggest punch? yep, those jive hype cables. BIG respect to the bullet folks.”   -WATT

This Seaman is pullin up anchor to get to work find him on Bass.


WATT plays BASS for IGGY POP Now On TOUR Dates here.

North American hyphenated-man tour 2011 Dates here.

We jam econo.

work the thud staff.
I jam econo.